Global Engagement Day

Global Engagement Day is a day during spring that the global fellowship program host to promote the program. This is a full day event which every hour and a half there are different panels that talk about different international topics. This year I went to the panel that had information about studying abroad; they had students tell their stories about their experiences abroad.This panel was really interesting since I will be going abroad this summer. The stories every student had was different and they all had lessons that I needed to remember before boarding the plane. I have to remember to look ahead at the weather and they mentioned a good website to compare train, bus, and plane tickets. Also, it made me even more excited for this summer to start my journey. I am sure a lot of people on the panel thought I was a little annoying because I kept adding information and questions but that is okay. I hope next year there is a similar panel because I would love to talk about the experience I am about to have and tell people that have not travel some tricks and tips. I wish this event was announced to more people on campus because I know some people that would love to come.

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