Buon Giorno

This semester,  I decided to move the love I have of learning new languages from French to Italian. Therefore, to get more involve with the Italian part of OU by joining the Italian Club. They do all different things that bring the Italian culture to Norman. My favorite thing that they do is that they host Italian movies every Mondays. It is interesting to see the difference in the media between both the U.S and Italy. If you are taking Italian at OU I encourage you take to attend the movie nights because not only do you improve your Italian but you get extra credit. The club also offers tutoring to students during the day so if you are struggling they are a great resource. Lastly, the club host every so often at crimson and whipped a place were students can come and have coffee and talk Italian with other students. Although, I have not be able to attend the coffee house events I plan to next semester when I have more free time so I can improve my conversation skills in Italian.

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