Tourism with COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affect everyone in some way or another. It has affect in the healthcare world in relations with the ICU beds filling up quicker than one would hope. The topic that I has not been talked about as much is how tourism has been impacted. Although, it has seen an increase in the last couple months since countries began to re-open is still not the same as if covid-19 was not here. I think it is important to look into what countries have been impacted the most with the lack of tourism and how one can help. It is not ideal to travel right now but when we get an opportunity one needs to focus on traveling to these countries compare to others that did not suffer as much. The countries I have in mind are smaller islands like Fiji, Belize, The Bahamas, and others. I know there’s a lot of people dying to travel once it becomes safe again and these are places one should look into. Europe is always high on people list to travel but we need to focus on countries that took the biggest hit during this time. Also, these are all beautiful places full of culture. I hope to help these countries once I can.

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